St Mary's Catholic Primary School

This is our school, let peace dwell here

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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

This is our school, let peace dwell here


Design & Technology

St Mary’s Design and Technology Intent


Through the realms of Design and Technology, we will inspire, challenge and reach out to each and every one of you, we will endeavour to equip you with a wealth of knowledge and skills that will empower you to experiment, invent and create your own innovative plans and projects. Through your explorations of design and technology you will become masterful at combining your practical skills with your understanding of function and purpose.


In the EYFS, you will be immersed into rich learning experiences where you will discuss, design, explore and construct using a range of tools and techniques. At first, we will introduce you indirectly to the world of Design and Technology through activities that will encourage you to explore, observe, predict, think, solve problems, make decisions and talk about the design challenges ahead of you. As you navigate your way through Key Stages 1 and 2, you will continue to ask questions, to investigate your predictions and to think critically. You will have chances to analyse, evaluate and test your wild and wonderful ideas and products. You will harness your capacity to explore and to invent, to develop and to deconstruct ideas. You will communicate perceptively and powerfully through purposeful drawing and planning. You will foster your ability to select and utilise materials, processes and techniques skilfully, inventively to realise your intentions, and to capitalise upon the unexpected. There will also be opportunities to investigate, absorb and apply the principles of nutrition as you experiment with the techniques of cooking with healthy and scrumptious varied ingredients.


By the time you are ready to embark upon your secondary school education, you will have superb competence in controlling materials and tools. You will have acquired an ever-expanding bank of technical knowledge, understanding and skills in order to competently design and make your very own prototypes and products. Your creative, technical and imaginative thinking will continue to flourish in your everyday life. You are going to become the resourceful, innovative and enterprising young technicians of our future. Our planet will be in your hands and we can’t wait to watch the stellar impact that you are going to have upon it.



Progression of Skills and Knowledge in Design and Technology