St Mary's Catholic Primary School

This is our school, let peace dwell here

St Mary's Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment Thinking of Joining Us In 2021

St Mary's Catholic Primary School

This is our school, let peace dwell here


RECEPTION - St Antony & St Andrew

Welcome to the Reception - St Antony & St Andrew

Wow, full time school! smiley



Both classes seem to be settling in really nicely. We are so impressed by how beautifully they are coming in to school – possibly even better than usual! We are already learning many new things, having fun and meeting lots of new faces.


Thank you for your patience at the gate and for entrusting us with your wonderful children, we are going to have an excellent year together.




  • PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays (a change to the previously given days for St Andrew Class).  Please, please, please check your child’s school uniform and PE kit this weekend – it is extremely tricky trying to marry up unnamed identical clothing and shoes to their owner! Please also allow your child to practise getting dressed and undressed at home, to speed them up. Buttons are proving particularly difficult as well as taking off sweatshirts.
  • Please send in a family photo, if you haven’t done so already.
    We will soon be starting the individual focus weeks with each of your children. The children always amaze us with how clever they are and how much learning we can squeeze out of playing, investigating, problem solving and having fun.

    smiley The Reception Team smiley

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If you need more resources relating to PE, SEND or Mental Well Being please visit the government website for guidance: