St Mary's Catholic Primary School

This is our school, let peace dwell here

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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

This is our school, let peace dwell here



Information provided by the Education Commission team for the Southwark Diocese.

Domestic Church:


When I can’t get to Church: The Salesians (Order of John Bosco) have created a

wonderful liturgy resource which can be used by families or individuals who are unable

to celebrate Mass.

Resources: Newer listed first


Please see these resources which can be used as guides for parents/carers or to create

your own virtual lessons.


Key Stage 3 RE from BBC Bitesize and NATRE

There are 22 new film and content packs available which match the KS3 general RE syllabus.

This includes content about many how of the world’s religions and belief systems view moral,

ethical and philosophical issues. All sections contain a brief quiz.




This is a site which offers free resources which support the RECD content for ages 11-19.



They have created a free to download colouring book for primary aged pupils based around Be

the Change.


Wintershall Education

They have adapted many of their workshop resources for families to use at home. This includes

a version of the Stations of the Cross.


Emmaus Productions

They are offering a selection of free resources for prayer and worship leading up to and

including Holy Week.


The Catholic Education Service

They have some good resources and will also have valuable information and links



There are free to download ideas for primary schools and secondary schools. CAFOD have

indicated that they will update the materials weekly.


Aid to the Church in Need:

They have a large selection of resources which can be used in school and at home.


All of these sites regularly update their resources and include activities for all phases.

‘Come and See’ and ‘They Way, the Truth and the Life’

The online resources for both schemes are available as they always have been. Please

download and adapt to the needs of your pupils. Do not send parents directly to the sites and

please do not share your passwords with them.


Ten: Ten Free Prayer Resources

All teachers can sign up for free and will be given access to the resources. As with the Come

and See, please don’t share your password with parents/caregivers. The PowerPoints and

resources can be downloaded and sent out by teachers and chaplains or placed on learning

platforms. There is also a Sunday Liturgy resource for parents and caregivers. This follows the

order of the Sunday Mass leading to a ‘Spiritual Communion’. These resources will be updated

weekly. Prayers for Home link:

Ten: Ten have also made extended their free trial period for the ‘Life to the Full ‘ programme

for both primary and secondary schools. Their home learning platform for secondary will be

launched Summer Term 2020 and is available to all schools who have subscribed.


NATRE: National Association for Teachers of Religious Education

There are resources for a great many world faiths including Christianity. They are not Catholic

specific but still very valuable.