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This is our school, let peace dwell here

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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

This is our school, let peace dwell here


Music for KS2 Mr Clee

Year 3 Music

Call and Response using 3 notes!


Last week we reminded ourselves of the three notes we’ve learnt this year on the recorder: B  A  &  G


Hopefully you enjoyed lots of tunes that you can play using just those notes that we’re on the video last week.


Today we are going to practice listening!


I’ve created an audio recording for you to play along to (Recorder Patterns.mp3).

Listen to the notes I play and see if you can play them back!

In the first half I just play the note ‘B’.

In the second half I use all three notes!!!


If you haven’t got a recorder at home, try clapping the rhythms back.

If you find playing my notes too hard or you’ve done it and want to try something new, try playing your own tune in between mine!

Can you make your patterns fit with the funky backing track?

Have Fun!!


Recorder Patterns Year 3


Wake up Shake up with

Body Percussion!


It doesn’t maker if we have instruments or not, we can still make music!

This week we’re going to look at body percussion.


Watch this first video, can you create all the sounds that they do in the video? Make sure that each sound is really clear (time to perfect your finger clicks!)


Now try to make some rhythm patterns using the sounds that you have learnt to create.

Below is a video to inspire you!

Year 5

Kitchen Mambo!


Last week we looked at creating our own Samba using kitchen instruments. This week we’re going to look at a different style of music from South America… the Mambo!

Below is a link to perhaps one of the best known songs using this style of music:

Lou Bega – ‘Mambo No.5’


One of the BBC’s ‘Ten Pieces’ is the ‘Mambo’ from the musical ‘West Side Story’ by the American, Lenard Bernstein.

West Side Story is a musical based on the story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

The link below takes you to the BBC Ten Pieces webpage where you can learn more about the piece and Mambos in general then join in with another kitchen ensemble!





Song Structure


Last week we looked at Elanor Rigby one of the popular songs by the Beatles. This week we can look at the structure of the song more closely.

Firstly, remind yourself of the song again:


Now see if you can cut out and arrange the sections of the song into the correct order…

How is the structure of this song different from Photograph by Ed Sheeran (the song we looked at in class)? What is it about the instruments being used that makes it unusual for a pop song?

Kitchen Samba Performance

Kitchen Samba Rhythms