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Latest News

  • It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas!!

    Our reception classes performed their version of The Nativity.  We have a year group of natural actors and actresses.  Well done to them all...
  • New Mathematics Primary Curriculum

    On 30/9/14 we held an introduction to the New Mathematics Primary Curriculum for parents. Please go to School Information/Curiculum/Mathematics/New Mathematics Primary Curriculum on our website to see all the relevant do...

    St Mary’s are the Canterbury District Cricket Champions...

    BEST SATS RESULTS EVER! We are delighted to share our best SATs results ever.  Go to 'School Information' and check out 'Latest SATs Results'.              ...
  • Raising Standards in Numeracy

    At a recent ‘Parent Forum’ parents were keen to continue to support their children in Numeracy but were unsure about age appropriate expectations.  We have recently been given a document that we feel you may find useful.  The docu...