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Latest News

  • Father Charles Visit

    We were lucky enough to have Father Charles come into class to teach us how to pray the Rosary.  he gave everyone their own set of Rosary beads and a prayer card...

    You are invited to one of our open day sessions taking place on Wednesday 9th November @ 9.30 am and Thursday 17th November @ 1.45 pm...
  • Gardening Club - All Welcome

    Gardening Club is open to children and adults and happens every thursday after school.  Please come along and join in with planting, weeding, designing, advice, tips or anything you could bring to this area would be great.  You ca...

    St Mary's have been chosen to join the Royal Shakespeare's Dream Team.  As part of the LPN (Learning Programme Network) along with 8 other primary schools we will be doing a collaborative performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream i...